Saturday, April 12, 2014

Ellis Shuman Writes: How to Write a Thriller like Dan Brown

Editing is a long road.
Panzer is still searching the Catosphere for editing help on his newest WIP (Work In Progress). He told you last week about a post he found at Jody Hedllund's blog about keeping readers' caught up in the action in your book.

Well, today my bad boy found a post at the Ellis Shuman Writes blog that he thinks you'll find useful. This is an older post (from August 27, 2013) but still totally relevant.

Shuman has read all of Dan Brown's books. He's spent time evaluating how Brown's writing has managed to have such a wide readership. He explains what he's discovered about Brown's formula for writing a thriller. Shuman uses a step by step style that's easy to understand.

Panzer plans to take Shuman's 13 steps and evaluate his plot against them.

Panzer says, "Nobody ever said editing was fast, easy, or fun!"

If you want to know how Dan Brown writes a thriller, tootle over to Ellis Shuman Writes: How to Write a Thriller like Dan Brown: I remember boarding a flight from Israel to the United States in January 2004, with a copy of The Da Vinci Code in hand. The plane made a...

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