Thursday, April 17, 2014

MAKE MINE MYSTERY: The Quicksand on Your Desk

Help! It's got me!
Panzer checked in at the Make Mine Mystery blog. Your intrepid feline traveler found Janis Patterson's post there very enlightening.

My bad boy never knew about the quicksand on our desk. And ... he didn't know ... that's why we've been having such a hard time finishing the rewrite on our new project.

Janis says if we're not careful, we'll all be sucked right down into that quagmire called ... the Internet. There. Panzer said it. The name of the evil pit. The Internet. Go anywhere near it and it'll suck you in and not let you go!

Panzer says, "We've got to save our friends! We lost too many already!"

If you're interested in protecting yourself from the quicksand, tootle over to MAKE MINE MYSTERY: The Quicksand on Your Desk: by Janis Patterson

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