Monday, April 21, 2014

Stephen King vs Waterstone Founder

Stephen King said it, so I believe it!
Panzer was looking around the Catosphere today. He stopped in at the BestsellerLabs blog and found a post by Jonathan Gunson featuring an interview with Stephen King!

Now, you have to understand, one of my bad boy's all-time favorite authors is Stephen King. Nobody can keep us up late at night reading like Stephen King. So ... my bad boy cat extraordinaire parked the Panzermobile to find out what Mr. King had to say.

Panzer posted here last week about Tim Waterstone's prediction that ebooks were on the decline. The post at Bestsellerlabs is an examination about whether Stephen King believes the prediction is true or not. There is a two and a half minute interview with Mr. King about his views on books, book stores, ebooks, and writing.

Panzer says, "When you get to the blog, ignore the first screen shot of Mr. King. That's not a working interview. Continue down the page to the second screen shot and click that one for the interview."

If you want to know what Stephen King believes about the future of books and ebooks, tootle over to Stephen King

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