Monday, May 12, 2014

How To Make An Audiobook With ACX

Maybe I'll just let Mom do it.
Panzer spent the weekend looking for help with producing audiobooks. If you've been following his adventures recently, you know he's been researching audiobooks a lot this month.

He learned about recording your own story and letting your readers hear your voice using your computer and Audacity software.

And he learned about making a soundtrack to your book using Booktrack.

And then he learned about marketing ACX audiobooks.

But ... he hadn't learned about what "professional" narrators say about how they record an audiobook.

This weekend he went over to author/ghostwriter Roz Morris' Nail Your Novel blog and found a post with an interview with audiobook narrator Sandy Spangler. Sandy discusses her recording studio, correcting mistakes, pronunciation problems, and more.

Panzer says, "The interview was a learning experience for me!"

If you're interested in reading about how a professional audiobook narrator does her job, tootle over to make an audiobook

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