Thursday, June 12, 2014

56 Ways to Market on Pinterest

Pinterest? Here I come!
Panzer was over at copyblogger today.  He's been wondering about all the hullabaloo about using Pinterest for marketing books. So, when he heard about a post over at copyblogger about just that, he took the Panzermobile right over.

My bad boy found a post with 56 ways to market on Pinterest. Now the post title says these are tips for marketing your business, but marketing a book is no different than a business. The first section has marketing ideas for beginning pinners to use when setting up your account. The second section has marketing ideas for intermediate pinners for use when you're ready to begin pinning your boards. The last section is for black belt pinners for use when you're ready to advertise your classes, webinars and private coupons. The last section is more business oriented, but the tips can be adapted to book marketing.

If you've been interested in learning more about Pinterest, tootle over to Pinterest marketing

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