Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Barnes and Noble To Spin-Off Nook

What's next?
Panzer was out in the Catosphere today to see what all the latest yowling was about. He followed all the noise to the Publisher's Weekly site. All the caterwauling is about the newest announcement from Barnes and Noble and their Nook plans.

Barnes and Noble's Board of Directors has decided to split the company into two companies. The retail bookstores will be one company and the Nook and college text books will become a separate company. The announcement of the split came with the release of the year-end sales figures that showed a 6.7% decline.

This spinoff of the Nook shouldn't really be a surprise to Panzer's friends here. It comes on top of Barnes and Noble's previous announcements of the deal with Samsung to co-brand a tablet and that they were leaving the audiobook market. Panzer told you about these two announcements earlier this month. And back in March he told you about their cuts to the Nook division.

Panzer says, "Are they trying to kill the Nook with a slow and painful death?"

If you want to read what Barnes and Noble's latest move for the Nook is, tootle over to Nook news

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