Friday, July 18, 2014

Smashwords: Is Kindle Unlimited Bad for Authors?

This doesn't look good to me.

 Panzer was interested to find this post by Mark Coker at the Smashwords blog about the new Amazon Unlimited service.

My bad boy already knew he wasn't going to join the Amazon Unlimited service. You have to be part of the Amazon Select Program and agree not to sell (or offer free) your ebooks anywhere except in the Amazon store. He never joined the Program because he wanted to be able to offer his adventures to everyone: Nook, Kobo, iTunes, Scribd, Oyster, etc. Turns out Mr. Coker agrees.

If you're thinking of joining the new Amazon Unlimited or just want more information, you should tootle over to Smashwords: Is Kindle Unlimited Bad for Authors?: Amazon today unveiled Kindle Unlimited, following in the footsteps of Smashwords partners Scribd and Oyster. When I first heard of Kindl...

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