Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New Kobo Aura-H2O Ereader Review

Me in the water? Not in your life-time.
Panzer was over at the GoodEReader blog today. My bad boy found some big news for you there in a post by Michael Kozlowski.

Kobo has a new ereader called the Aura H2O.

And you'll never guess what it does.

It can be under water for thirty minutes and still work!

So you drop it in the bath tub. No problem. You drop it in the ocean at the beach. No problem.

The post is a complete, indepth review of all the features in the new Kobo ereader. Features reviewed even have accompanying videos showing how they work. There's also a "Pros" and "Cons" list at the end of the post. Consequently, this is a very long post. So bring a huge double latte.

Panzer says, "I want one and I don't even go near the water."

To read the entire review, tootle over to Kobo Aura H2O

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