Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Douglas Preston vs. Amazon Dispute Continues

Be quiet! I need sleep!
Panzer is not a happy kitty. First, my bad boy hasn't been able to get any sleep because of all the noise in the Catosphere about the Amazon-Hachette dispute. Now, the Douglas Preston-Amazon dispute my sleepy kitty told you about is making noise again. This time Mr. Preston tells David Streitfeld at the New York Times website he's worried because his book sales at Amazon are down.

So ...

His letter to Amazon (that he's had all over the Catosphere for weeks) will finally appear in Sunday's New York Times newspaper in a full page ad. Some of the authors from Mr. Preston's Authors United group who signed the letter paid the $104,000 price tag for the ad.

Panzer says, "Can't you humans get it straight, Mr. Preston? You never ever bite the hand that feeds you (or sells your books)."

Be prepared. This is a very long post and the comments section is long too. You'll also find a link in the post to the letter from authors who support Amazon in the Amazon-Hachette dispute.
To read the latest from Douglas Preston about his Authors United group and his views on Amazon, tootle over to writers battle amazon

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