Saturday, August 23, 2014

You Are Now Buried Under 3.4 Million E-books And Counting

I feel so bad.
Panzer isn't happy about the post he found over at Claude Nougat's blog. In fact, my bad boy is downright disheartened.

According to Mr. Nougat, there were 3.4 million ebooks available in the Kindle Store the day he wrote the post. And he also discovered that 12 new ebooks are added to the store every hour. That means the competition is getting stronger every five minutes.

Mr. Nougat even checked into the rankings of past top-selling authors Amanda Hocking and John Locke.

Guess what.

They're not number one in sales any more.

So, things are getting tough all over.

What chance does a poor little kitty have to sell his books?

Panzer says, "Mr. Nougat does point out Amazon now gives indies access to a pre-order button, so at least we have something."

A warning: this is a very, very long post with screen shots and information, so bring a big, big cup of tea.

To read the full post, tootle over to buried under 3-4 million e-books

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