Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Douglas Preston-Authors United-Hachette vs. Amazon

Are we FOR us or AGAINST us?
Panzer is doing a little clean-up work in the Catosphere today. Last week he told you about bestselling author, Douglas Preston's email to all his Authors United friends. Mr. Preston was alerting all of them to be ready for his next foray into Hachette's contract dispute with Amazon.

Well, my bad boy has the latest for you.

Mr. Preston and his cadre of knights on their white steeds are ready to do battle. They have sent a letter to each of the ten members of the Amazon Board of Directors telling them to pick sides in the dispute. According to these gallant knights, surely the Board of Directors will agree with them and pick the right side. Either the Board of Directors agree with Amazon's right to not carry certain merchandise during the contract dispute or the Board of Directors disagrees with Amazon's right to not carry merchandise and orders them to carry the merchandise during the contract dispute.

Panzer say, "Pick a sides? Okay, Amazon Board of Directors. Are you on the side for yourself? Or are you on the side against yourself? You are the Board of Directors. Come on. Pick a side."

To read the full letter, tootle over to Authors United letter

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