Wednesday, September 3, 2014

One Author In Defense Of Amazon

Who's a kitty to believe?
Panzer headed over to the Salon site today. He found an interesting post by author Neal Pollack about his experiences with Amazon. The post is strictly from the point of view of an author dealing with Amazon.

Mr. Pollack says he's published traditional (with the Big Five) novels and indie novels. He has now moved to Amazon's Thomas & Mercer publishers to do novels, novellas and novelettes.

Mr. Pollack doesn't understand all of the anti-Amazon rhetoric. He says as an author, all of his experiences with Amazon have been "fantastic." While he is not a bestselling author, they have supported his literary career by continuing to publish his work.

Panzer says, "Be warned: Like all the recent posts about Amazon, this is a very long post."

To read Neal Pollack's full post, tootle over to in defense of amazon

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