Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Apple's Price-Fixing Settlement Closer to Approval

Yes or No?
Panzer visited Publishers Weekly today. He was following up on some news he heard about Apple. No it's not news about the new phones or watch. This is news about Apple's price-fixing case.

The post at PW concerns Apple's proposed terms of the settlement of the case. Judge Denise Cote has issued preliminary approval of the settlement terms. My bad boy found out this is not her final judgement, however, and the case still continues.

There's a link to a website for information included in the post. The post is long enough it requires a small cup of tea while you're reading it.

Panzer says, "If you're one of the customers involved in this case and plan to 'opt out' of the settlement, you only have until October 31 to make that choice known."

To read the latest information on Apple's continuing price-fixing saga, tootle over to Apple settlement

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