Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Literary Agent Asks Clients To Join Authors United

Today Panzer was cruising in the Catosphere when he felt a thump. The Panzermobile got caught in a tractor beam and pulled over to the New York Times site. There my bad boy found it was a post by David Streitfeld that caught him.

My tummy hurts I have no literary merit
Turns out Authors United has a new standard bearer. Literary agent Andrew Wylie has sent a letter to all of his clients asking them to join bestselling author Douglas Preston's Authors United group and quite a few of them have agreed to join. According to Mr. Streitfeld's post, Mr. Wylie says Amazon's lack of marketing some books will lead to the "end of literary culture in America."

Panzer says, "But ... wait. Does that mean my books sold now on Amazon don't contribute to the literary culture? Don't my books have literary merit?"

Warning: You'll need a very b-i-g cup of tea. This is a very l-o-n-g post because it has quotes from not only Mr. Wylie but some of his clients as well.

To read the whole post, tootle over to more Authors United

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