Saturday, August 15, 2015

Understand The Kindle Unlimited Payment Model

Help! I'm getting a headache.
Today's trip into the Catosphere took Panzer to the Romance University site.

Our kitty explorer found a post by Pat Haggerty about the Kindle Unlimited (KU) payment model. This post approaches the KU author payment method from a different direction than author Lynn Messina's August 11 Indie Reader post Panzer told you about.

Pat Haggerty's post includes links to Amazon FAQs, the KDP Select Enrollment site, KDP Unlimited Enrollment site, and the KDP Select Global Fund site. And most important of all, Haggerty explains how Amazon calculates "Pages" and how much an author will be paid based on "Pages" read.

Panzer says, "He says they do a word count for pages! Does that mean ebooks with graphics on each page and only a few words, like Cat Wisdom, won't count each page as a page?"

To read the post, tootle over to Kindle Unlimited Pricing

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