Saturday, November 28, 2015

DOJ Gets Extension in Apple Case - PW (Publishers' Weekly)

Mom, that turkey was so good.
Now that Thanksgiving is behind us and Panzer has had a whole day to catch up on his naps, our kitty boy is ready to search for news for his friends. After waddling his way into the Panzermobile, Panzer discovered liftoff took longer than usual for some reason, but he finally made it into the Catosphere.

During a stop at the Publishers' Weekly site, our kitty pilot discovered a post about the next step in the Apple price-fixing case. Apple was found guilty of ebook price-fixing in 2013 by Judge Denise Cote ... and ... yes, the case is still in the news

According to the post at the Publishers' Weekly site by Andrew Albanese, before the Supreme Court decides if they will take Apple's case under review, the Department of Justice will be allowed to respond to the appeal. Since the response isn't due until January 2016 and the Supreme Court will have to review all the information, it will be a while before they decide if they'll review the case. So ... Panzer will still have a job reporting the Apple price-fixing news in 2016.

Panzer says, "Hmm ... Let me see. The verdict for this case was decided in 2013. It will be 2016 before the Supreme Court decides if they'll take the case. I wonder how much the attorney fees are by now?"

Note: One cup of tea should be enough for the original post, but there are links in the post to earlier ones so you may need a second cup.

To read the post, tootle over to Apple Appeal Case

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