Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Shopping On Amazon Fire TV

Where's the TV? I need some catnip.
Panzer was tootling around in the Catosphere today just enjoying himself. The next thing our big bad kitty knew the Panzermobile was being buffeted around by sighing and "Oh, nos!"

Following all the noise, took our intrepid kitty pilot to the Geek Wire site. Digging around in the posts there, he discovered a post by Todd Bishop and Tricia Duryee about one of Amazon's newest ventures. You can now make purchases on Amazon's Fire TV. A viewer can click on an advertisement on their TV and purchase the advertised item. Not exactly a shopping channel yet as it's only one item at a time, but ... this is Amazon ... so a shopping channel can't be far behind.

Panzer says, "Hmmm. Can't wait to buy my kitty treats on the TV."

To read the Amazon shopping experience post, tootle over to Amazon

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