Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Scribd Hires Eric Shoup as COO - Scribd

Panzer made a trip into the Catosphere looking for indie publishing news today.  After the demise of Oyster he's been hearing some murmurings about the health of the other ebook subscription reader services. So, our inquisitive kitty reporter decided to stop in at subscription service Scribd's blog and see what he could find.

It didn't take any digging at all to discover Scribd has hired a new Chief Operating Officer. The new COO Eric Shoup has experience working in membership expansion and product management. Since Scribd is intending to grow their subscriber base and manage their products, his previous work will fit in with Scribd's plans.

Next cut ... Mysteries? Just asking.
Panzer says, "Hmmm ... Scribd dropped romances from their ebook product line and added comics and sheet music last year. Where will the next cuts be?"

Note: This is a short post. A cup of tea should do it for your reading today.

To read the post, tootle over to Scribd

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