Thursday, May 11, 2017

Book Publishers Are Whining About Amazon Giving the Buy Button to the Seller w/ the Lowest Price - The Digital Reader

Panzer's trip into the Catosphere today took him to The Digital Reader site. There our traveling kitty pilot found a post about Amazon.

According to site owner Nate Hoffelder's post, a lot of book publishers are upset about Amazon's new practice of awarding a book's Buy Button to the seller with the lowest priced offer for the book. This is true even if the seller may not be the publisher of the book. Using a post from the Huffington Post site by book publisher Brooke Warner, Mr. Hoffelder addresses the issues brought up in the post for his responses. Several of his responses relate to the fact that the non-publisher sellers in question couldn't offer the books at a lower price if they hadn't already purchased the books themselves or been given them as review copies. Mr. Hoffelder addresses other issues in his post as well.
Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine.

Panzer says, "I checked all my books and all my Buy Buttons are my own."

Note: This is a l-o-n-g post. Bring a cup of tea and two muffins for today's reading selection.

To read the post, tootle over to Amazon

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