About Fiona L. Woods


If this is your first visit here, welcome to Panzer's Cat House.

I write mystery short stories and novels. Many of my short stories chronicle the adventures of Panzer, the cat, and P.I. Lori Stockley and are included in Cats and Crime.

I'm an avid quilter, jewelry maker and cat herder. I'm married to the Pirate and our wedding anniversary is April 1 (April Fool's Day).

I started writing in the second grade with a story about my horse named Booger. Yes, that really was his name and the teacher and my classmates couldn't stop laughing when I read it to the class. I was hooked on the joy of laughter and writing from then on.
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Meet Lori Stockley, the mail order P.I.,
and the irascible black cat Panzer. Follow
these two as they catch drug dealers,
burglars, and carpet snakes.

Copyright by Fiona L. Woods
Cover Artwork by Jennifer Barnhouse

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