Thursday, August 21, 2014

Smashwords: Inc. Magazine Names Smashwords to Inc. 5000 List o...

$22 million!
Over at the Smashwords blog, Panzer found a post announcing the company's inclusion on the Inc. 5000 list. According to owner Mark Coker, Smashwords is #122 in the top 5000 and the #1 fastest growing media company on Inc.'s list.

My bad boy wasn't surprised that Mr. Coker said Smashwords made $22 million in revenue in 2013. There are over 100,000 authors and small publishers who use Smashwords services. That's a lot of books.

Panzer found the last few paragraphs of the post the most interesting. In that section Mr. Coker asks the question, Where is Smashwords as a company going in the future? And, Where are indie authors going in the future?

Panzer says, "I know where I'll be. It's nap time right now."

To read the full post, tootle over to Smashwords: Inc. Magazine Names Smashwords to Inc. 5000 List o...:

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Barnes & Noble Teams With Samsung on New Galaxy Tab Nook - GalleyCat

Let's take a look at this new Tablet.
Today, WE visited GalleyCAT. Panzer found a post by Dianna Dilworth about the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook.

My bad boy told you this new co-branded Nook was in the works back in June, so it's no surprise it's here. The surprise is the price: only $179 and you get $200 worth of ebooks and TV shows to go with it. You can order it online or in the Barnes and Noble stores.

Panzer says, "I want to try out this new tablet. How about you?"

To read the full post, tootle over to Barnes & Noble Teams With Samsung on New Galaxy Tab Nook - GalleyCat

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

More E-Book Price-Fixing Fallout

I promise. Not again.
Okay, Panzer did it again. He promised me he'd stay away from the Publishers Weekly site.

But ...

being a bad boy, he just had to break his promise.

So ...

He found a post there by Andrew Albanese that brings up another court case involving Apple and the big five publishers involved in the original price-fixing case (yes, Hachette Book Group is one of the big five). This case was brought by DNAML, Diesel eBook Store and BooksOnBoard. All three companies are no longer viable and are now suing for compensation.

Judge Denise Cote has ordered the three e-retailers, Apple and the big five publishers into mediation.

(Now, I have the keys to the Panzermobile, so my bad boy isn't going anywhere without me for a week.)

To read more about the latest in the price-fixing game, tootle over to mediation

Monday, August 18, 2014

A New Panzerism

Love conquers all ... including curtains.
Panzer on True Love:

The only thing between me and true love is your window curtains.

And ...

No ...

I don't know why they're on the floor.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Today Is My Day!

Black Cat

(That's in the U.S. today. Maybe, we can make it worldwide next year?)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Thoughts in Progress: Three Fun Elements to Add to Your Mystery {+ Givea...

I never thought of that.
Panzer stopped in at Mason Canyon's Thoughts in Progress blog to visit his friend Traveler (Cat in Residence). After the two bad boys got finished discussing their respective pet humans, Panzer read a guest post by Elizabeth Craig.

Ms. Craig discusses three fun things you can incorporate into your mysteries to add a little humor. Each time you add something new to your mysteries you're opening the door to new readers and a new market.

To see what things might entice new readers to your novels, tootle over to Thoughts in Progress: Three Fun Elements to Add to Your Mystery {+ Givea...:

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Orwell Estate Joins The Amazon-Hachette Fray

I give up. This joke will never end.
Panzer found an interesting post by Alison Flood over at The Guardian today.

Bill Hamilton,the George Orwell Estate executor, says Amazon misquoted Mr. Orwell in the letter the retailer sent to readers and authors.

If you want to read the latest in this ongoing, never-ending soap opera, tootle over to another Amazon problem

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Amazon-Hachette Dispute Is Yesterday's War

Are you two listening?
Panzer was out in the Catosphere today trying to avoid the Amazon-Hachette dispute.

No such luck!

What my bad kitty did find is a post by Leonid Bershidsky at the Bloomberg View site with an argument that could put an end to the dispute. Mr. Bershidsky points out that in his opinion buying ebooks from the Amazon store for your Kindle is obsolete.


The Kindle obsolete?

The Amazon ebook obsolete?


Because more people are reading ebooks on their smartphones and tablets.

So, according to Mr. Bershidsky, the Amazon-Hachette dispute (war) is pointless.

Panzer says, Are you listening Mr. Bezos? How about you Mr. Pietsch? It's a pointless fight."

To read this new take on the Amazon-Hachette disagreement, tootle over to battle is yesterday's war

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hachette's Pietsch Responds To Amazon's Readers Emails

Mine! Now get out of there!
Panzer is back home after a trip to Publishers Weekly's site in the Catosphere.

My bad boy found a post there about Amazon's response to Douglas Preston's New York Times advertisement asking people who support him to email Amazon's Jeff Bezos. In response, Amazon setup an online site and asked people who support Amazon to email Hachette CEO Michael Pietsch.

So ...

Mr. Pietsch sent letters to the supporters of Amazon who have been emailing him.

Panzer says, "Would you guys get out of my litter box? It's so full I can't even get in to use it."

To read the latest in the Douglas Preston-Amazon and Amazon-Hachette disputes, tootle over to Hachette's Pietsch

Monday, August 11, 2014

A New Panzerism

Panzer says:
Even Mom is right once in a while.

Mom figured she could have a kitty


a nice couch.

She made the right choice.