Thursday, May 26, 2011

Book Review: Unicorns and Magic and Dragons and Non-Believers

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy ... Hamlet, William Shakespeare

Michelle Snyder, author of Symbology: Decoding Classic Images discusses the unicorn image at Two Ends of the Pen: The World of Symbols: The Unicorn today. In her opinion unicorns don't exist! That is so sad. It's not sad that she said unicorns don't exist. It's sad that she doesn't believe they exist.

Why, you say, is that sad? Because, if you don't believe in unicorns, you don't believe in magic. And, if you don't believe in unicorns and you don't believe in magic, then you don't believe in dragons. Everybody knows there are dragons! Without dragons what a boring world you must live in.

All I can say is: there are unicorns; there is magic; and there are dragons in my world. My life is never boring!

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