Monday, August 15, 2011

Do You Need Ebook Formatting Or Conversion?

Do you know the difference between ebook formatting and ebook conversion?

I've posted here about ebook formatting and converting. Most recently I've given you a link to do the formatting and converting yourself for Kindle at Word To Mobi = Amazon Kindle.  I've also given you a link to a free converter when I posted about Selling Ebooks From Your Site Or Blog.  So, yes, you do know the difference, because you used those link (and the others I've posted here) to do your own formatting and converting.

However, it appears not everybody reads my blog and knows you can do formatting and converting yourself ... and with free software.

April Hamilton did a guest post The difference between ebook conversion and ebook formatting (at Taleist) for those who don't know the difference. She says they even pay other people to do it for them.

Read April's post and see what you think.

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