Saturday, September 10, 2011

Aaron Patterson's Blog: The Real Me

We're back!

We have and unexpected friend from out of town staying with us this weekend, so Panzer and I didn't post yesterday. Time online will be short until Tuesday.

Aaron Patterson posted his list about how to be real. You can read the list at  Aaron Patterson's Blog: The Real Me:. Good stuff for writers (and everyone else, too) to remember. Print out his list and tape it on the wall over your computer where you'll see it every day.

Our friend from out of town rode here on his Harley Davidson motorcycle. Panzer can't wait to go for a ride. He keeps talking about the wind blowing through his fur. He promises to wear a helmet and chaps ... if he can find ones small enough to fit ... hmmm. Hey, wait a minute .... Panzer come back here!

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