Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Book Review: The Dragon of Skar

For this week's book review Panzer picked the ebook The Dragon of Skar by Chris Turner for me to read to him.

Boy did we have fun reading this! It had something for both of us. Panzer loved the old time pulp-fiction feel of Conan (yes, that Conan!) and his side-kick Subotai's adventure. I loved Skar the fire-breathing dragon's adventure. After Conan saved Skar, she returned the favor. I keep telling Panzer, dragons know who their friends are. 

And they know who their enemies are. Now Panzer knows why there aren't any gnomes left.

Like all the old time pulp-fiction adventures, this is a fun read. By today's standards I'd give it a G rating. There's a little blood and gore, but no more than you see on the news on television on any night.

Panzer gives the ebook four paws up and a bag of popcorn.

The Dragon of Skar is available at Amazon for the Kindle.

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