Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Book Review: The Human Addict

This week Panzer had me read the Kindle ebook  The Human Addict: A Dragon's Tale by Scott William Carter.

The whole story is told in the first person from the dragon's point of view. How fun is that? A lot.

The story begins when humans still lived in caves. This was also when unicorns, faeries, elves, dwarfs and dragons lived as well.

The whole problem begins when a dragon develops a taste for humans. And I mean a major taste for humans. A taste as in addicted to humans. The dragon does his best to control his eating habits, but he's already put the world as he knows it into a downward spiral he can't control. You see, a dragon may live for a long time, but humans don't forgive and they never forget.

The end was so sad. Panzer went through a whole box of tissues.

Panzer gives it four paws up.

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