Saturday, September 24, 2011

How Ebook Buyers Discover Books

Panzer and I have been cruising around the blogosphere looking for marketing tips. And guess what? We came across Mark Coker's post today about how ebook buyers discover books. How serendipitous is that?

Mark has posted the results of a survey he conducted at Mobileread about buyers' habits when purchasing an ebook. He gave the respondents 12 choices and then tallied the results.

The top two answers aren't too surprising to me. The first is through recommendations from blogs, forums, etc. What do you see here every Tuesday? What I'm reading to Panzer and he's recommending. The second is looking for the buyers' favorite authors. If you like what an author has written in the past, why would you look for an unknown, untried author?

Read Mark Coker's post How Ebook Buyers Discover Books to help you put together a marketing plan for your ebook sales success. I know I'm going to.

By the way, Panzer wants you to know he can be bribed with a few kitty treats to do a book review for you.

(Just kidding. Just kidding! Remember what we said about why we do book reviews.)

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