Saturday, April 6, 2013

How Self-Pubing made Hugh Howey $100,000 per Month

$100,000 a month?!?!?
Panzer found this podcast interview at Wired by Geeks Guide To The Galaxy with best selling author Hugh Howey. Hugh made $100,000 per month selling his book Wool at Amazon.

Panzer had me read Wool to him a few weeks ago when he first started hearing mewlings about it in the Catosphere. While it's very dark view of the future takes some getting used to, the novel itself is well plotted and written and my bad boy liked it.

This is more than a one cup of tea podcast! At nearly two hours long get a whole pot of tea made before you sit down to listen to it.

To find out how Hugh became a best selling superstar, tootle over to A $100,000 A Month Self-publishing Superstar.

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