Thursday, February 27, 2014

Barnes and Noble's New Nook Strategy?

Make up your mind!
You all know Panzer has been following the news about the Nook and the Barnes and Noble Conditional Offer. Well, my bad boy was out cruising the Catosphere and found more news over at Publishers' Weekly about Barnes and Noble's plans for the Nook.

According to the latest, Nook isn't dead yet. It's on life-support. Yes, cuts have been made in the Nook department. Yes, more cuts will be made. But ... there may be a new color Nook on the horizon. That's may be.

Panzer says, "Let's wait and see what's in the news about Nook and Barnes and Noble next week."

If you want to read the latest Nook news, tootle over to Nook Strategy

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