Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Selling In The Google Play Store

Droid and tablet sales?
Okay, Panzer admits it. He had never heard of the Google Play Store. That is until he found a post by R.J. Crayton at the Indies Unlimited site about uploading your ebook to the Google Play Store.

So, what is the Google Play Store? It's a store you can upload your ebook to in either the PDF or ePub format for sale to primarily droid and tablet users. According to Ms. Crayton's post one of the important things an author needs to be aware of is the fact Google discounts the price of your ebook. Of course, this can cause problems with the Amazon price match feature. Fortunately, the post contains a link to a list of prices and the discounts, so you can determine what to price your ebook at.

If you follow the link "a tutorial tomorrow" at the bottom of the post, you'll be taken to a second post which shows screenshots and more instructions for setting up an account at the Google Play Store. According to the second post, it's not easy!

Panzer says, "Hmmm. Access to droid and tablet users for ebook sales? That might be worth all the questions and trouble for authors using the site."

If you want to check out the information on the Google Play Store, tootle over to Google Play Store

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