Wednesday, May 21, 2014

An Author Bio That Sells Books

Did you know?
Panzer was speeding around the Catosphere today. He was looking for someplace new to visit. He happened to find Ben Zackheim's blog.

My bad boy found a post there about writing your author bio at Amazon and the other e-retailers. The tips in the post include how to fine tune each bio to the specific e-retailer. Turns out we shouldn't use the same bio at Amazon and Barnes and Noble or any of the others. Each gets their own special bio. By tailoring the bio to each e-retailer, you are enhancing your reader appeal and by extension increasing your sales potential.

Panzer says, "I didn't know they were each supposed to be different. I need to make some changes right now!"

If you want help with your author bio, tootle over to author bio.

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