Thursday, June 26, 2014

Amazon Doesn't Need Hachette, But Hachette Needs Amazon

Let's take a closer look.
It's been quite a long time since Panzer has stopped in at author and game developer Guido Henkel's blog. When he stopped in there today he found a post addressing the Amazon-Hachette dispute. You know, my bad boy has been following this Internet CATerwauling for a while now.

In his post Mr. Henkel explains why Hachette doesn't understand the changing publishing world. Hachette may be one of the biggest fish in the publishing pond, but it's turning into a very, very small pond. Publishers no longer have the clout to tell book retail outlets what they can and can not do. Amazon is arguably the world's largest book retail outlet and as such there's no incentive for Amazon to bow to Hachette's demands. On the other hand, there is a huge incentive for Hachette to agree to Amazon's and get their books back into the Amazon store.

To read Mr. Henkel's full post, tootle over to Amazon vs. Hachette

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