Monday, June 30, 2014

Simon and Schuster Tells Libraries To Sell Ebooks?

Panzer just can't get any sleep lately because of all the CATerwauling in the Catosphere. With his eyes barely open from the lack of cat rejuvenation he went out in the Panzermobile. He found the origin of all the noise over at the GOODEREADER blog.

GOODEREADER Editor in Chief Michael Kozlowski takes issue with Simon and Schuster over their new library contracts. Mr. Kozlowski says the contracts say the libraries will be forced to sell S&S's ebooks in order to be allowed to loan them to patrons. It turns out libraries selling books is illegal in some states

 ... and ...

being told to sell ebooks is making librarians irate in other states.

So, now we know what all the CATerwauling is about.

Panzer says, "Will I ever get to take a nap in a quiet place?"

If you want to read the full post about libraries and Buy It Now Buttons, tootle over to Simon and Schuster

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