Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Amazon Poses Possible New Offer To Hachette Author

Humans. Pfftttt.
Panzer got a late start in his Catosphere search today. But heading out late was worth the trip. The Publishers' Weekly site has an update on the Amazon-Hachette dispute.

Amazon made a "what if" offer to bestselling author Douglas Preston (who started the letter against Amazon). In the offer Amazon said, "what if" they starting carrying and selling Hachette's books again ... and "what if" the royalties from those sales was given to the authors ... and "what if" the money Amazon and Hachette's each earned from those sales was given to a literacy charity ... and "what if" Amazon and Hachette kept negotiating then ... would Douglas Preston and Hachette's other authors refrain from speaking out against Amazon?

Mr. Preston's response was the same as last time, "No."

Panzer says, "Humans. I'll never understand them."

If you want to read the latest in the Amazon-Hachette contract negotiations, tootle over to Amazon to authors

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