Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Amazon-Hachette Dispute Is Yesterday's War

Are you two listening?
Panzer was out in the Catosphere today trying to avoid the Amazon-Hachette dispute.

No such luck!

What my bad kitty did find is a post by Leonid Bershidsky at the Bloomberg View site with an argument that could put an end to the dispute. Mr. Bershidsky points out that in his opinion buying ebooks from the Amazon store for your Kindle is obsolete.


The Kindle obsolete?

The Amazon ebook obsolete?


Because more people are reading ebooks on their smartphones and tablets.

So, according to Mr. Bershidsky, the Amazon-Hachette dispute (war) is pointless.

Panzer says, Are you listening Mr. Bezos? How about you Mr. Pietsch? It's a pointless fight."

To read this new take on the Amazon-Hachette disagreement, tootle over to battle is yesterday's war

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