Tuesday, August 19, 2014

More E-Book Price-Fixing Fallout

I promise. Not again.
Okay, Panzer did it again. He promised me he'd stay away from the Publishers Weekly site.

But ...

being a bad boy, he just had to break his promise.

So ...

He found a post there by Andrew Albanese that brings up another court case involving Apple and the big five publishers involved in the original price-fixing case (yes, Hachette Book Group is one of the big five). This case was brought by DNAML, Diesel eBook Store and BooksOnBoard. All three companies are no longer viable and are now suing for compensation.

Judge Denise Cote has ordered the three e-retailers, Apple and the big five publishers into mediation.

(Now, I have the keys to the Panzermobile, so my bad boy isn't going anywhere without me for a week.)

To read more about the latest in the price-fixing game, tootle over to mediation

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