Tuesday, June 16, 2015

2015 Online BritCrime Mystery Festival

Every once in a while Panzer takes a trip into the Catosphere looking for FREE stuff for his friends. Today our inquisitive kitty explorer was over at Sandra Seamans' My Little Corner blog. He likes to stop there regularly because she has posts about markets for writers in all genres as well as writing information in general.

On today's stop he discovered a post about the BritCrime Online Mystery Festival. According to Ms. Seamans, the entire festival is online. No travel plans or hotel reservations needed. And ... it's FREE! No money needed.

Panzer says, "Online is good ... but FREE is always good."

To read Ms. Seamans' post about the festival, tootle over to My Little Corner

To read about the festival, tootle over to BritCrime 2015: An Online Festival

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