Saturday, September 26, 2015

From Book to Ebook and Back

Panzer made a weekend trip over to the Flavorwire site. After some digging around there, our traveling kitty found a post by Jonathan Sturgeon about the return of print books.

Panzer already told you about The New York Times and the Observer's recently carried posts about the return of print books.  Flavorwire poster Jonathon Sturgeon takes a different approach to the resurgence of print books than the other two. While he does mention the new contracts between publishers and Amazon and the subsequent increase in ebook prices, he says it's too early to tell if that has caused the decline in sales. Instead, he approaches print book sales from the "human" standpoint. He quotes a poet who points out poetry can't be read properly on an ereader and another reader who says when reading for pleasure he wants a print book in his hands. So maybe there is more involved in the ebook sales decline than just the price increase.
I'm ready.

Panzer says, "Maybe ... You humans are a tactile species. You want to pet my fur?"

To read the post at Flavorwire, tootle over to back to books
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