Saturday, October 3, 2015

How Indie Authors' Books Can Get Into Libraries

Panzer has been fighting a kitty cold all week. Today, our poor sick kitty boy made a quick trip into the Catosphere to the Book Life site. He found a post by Jane Friedman there about getting your indie book into the library system.

According to Ms. Friedman, there are three steps to getting your book into libraries. The first is to be fiction. Apparently, non-fiction is harder to place in libraries. The second is to get your book noticed online. Get it noticed on social media sites and get it reviewed on blogs. That way librarians will learn about it. The third is getting your book noticed once it's in the library system. People need to know it's available and check it out, so your track record will convince librarians to order your next book.
My nose hurts ... and my tummy.

Panzer says, "A-choo! I'm going back to my kitty bed now."

To read the post, tootle over to library market

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