Saturday, December 12, 2015

Apple Taxes Authors' Patience - Huff Post The Blog

Mom say's I'll feel better tomorrow.
Panzer took an extra long after lunch nap today because he's still recovering from his annual vaccinations at the vet yesterday. So, our sleepy kitty pilot made a short trip to the Huff Post The Blog site. He found a post there by Janet Tavakoli about a problem for authors signing directly with Apple's iTunes Connect.

According to Ms. Tavakoli, Apple has a problem with their iTunes Connect tax software. It seems when an author who is an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) tries to fill out the required tax form, the information is entered wrong by the software. The only way the author can get the information corrected is to write to the tax department. Apple has known about the problem for three years, but failed to correct it.

Panzer says, "But ... But ... I'm already an LLC (Lots and Lots of Cat)."

Note: This is a short post so one cup of tea will be enough today.

To read the post, tootle over to Apple

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