Thursday, July 7, 2016

Audible Unveils Short Form Audio Streaming Service - PW

Panzer did a quick trip into the Catosphere today and went to the Publishers' Weekly site. After a little digging around there he found a post about Audible.

Amazon is everywhere.
According to the post by Shannon Maughan, Amazon's Audible has launched a new service called Channels. The service will have short selected newspaper content, lectures, and entertainment. There will not be audio books. Audible subscribers will get the service free of charge. Non-subscribers will be charged a monthly fee.

Panzer says, "Hmm ... Sounds a lot like YouTube with a fee to this kitty cat."

Note: This is a longish post. Bring a glass of lemonade and a muffin.

To read the post, tootle over to Audible

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