Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Real Story: Amazon Bans Free Review Samples Which Compete With Its Amazon Vine Program - The Digital Reader

Panzer's trip into the Catosphere today took him to The Digital Reader site. There our handsome kitty boy found a post about Amazon's new review policy.

No free ebooks for reviews?
According to The Digital Reader site editor Nate Hoffelder's post, Amazon's new review rules may not be what they seem. In case you missed the announcement, Amazon is no longer allowing businesses to give away free products for reviews. Amazon counts this as giving the free product as an "incentive" for reviews and it is now banned. However, Mr. Hoffelder speculates that Amazon may be protecting their own Vine Program review service. In the post there is a link to the Amazon announcement. You'll also want to read the Comments section for additional information pertinent to authors and publishers.

Panzer says, "Well-traveled kitties like me learn all kinds of things. Like: To side-step Amazon's new rules authors and publishers are changing the wording of their agreements with readers they give free copies of their ebooks/books to for reviews. Now 'a review is appreciated, but not required for the free ebook/book'."

Note: The post and included link to Amazon make this a medium length read. Bring a cup of tea and a muffin for today's reading selection.

To read the post, tootle over to Amazon

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