Wednesday, October 26, 2016

What Barnes & Noble Doesn't Get About Bookstores - The New Yorker

Today's trip into the Catosphere took Panser to The New Yorker site. There with a little digging around our enterprising kitty found a post about Barnes and Noble.

According to the post by David Sax, Barnes and Noble CEO Leonard Riggio has given clarification for some changes for the bookstores. As previously announced, Barnes and Noble is opening five new smaller "concept" stores. Mr. Riggio explained this is to give book buyers the small independent bookstore feel. He believes independent bookstores which are successful also serve good food and coffee, so these new smaller Barnes and Noble "concept" bookstores will served breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as alcohol. Mr. Sax points out in the post that Independent bookstores also have a friendlier more family-oriented feel to them which he believes Mr. Riggio will also need to address.

I'm free if the shelf is big enough.
Panzer says, "A kitty sleeping on a bookshelf would be nice too."

Note: This is a l-o-n-g post. Bring a cup of tea and two muffins for today's reading selection.

To read the post, tootle over to Barnes and Noble

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