Friday, November 25, 2016

BookBaby Announces 2017 Self-Publishing Survey - The Largest Study of Indie Book Marketing and Promotion - Press Release

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Panzer's trip today took him to the Book Business site. There our inquisitive kitty found a press release about self-publisher BookBaby.

According to the press release, BookBaby and it's 15 partners are conducting a survey of self-publishing/indie authors. The survey will focus on what the authors do for promotion and marketing of their books/ebooks as well as the self-publishing industry in general now and in the future. The press release states more than one million authors have been invited to participate. There's a link included in the press release for the survey.

Panzer says, "Mom and I are indie authors, so we took the survey. When you finish it, there are offers from BookBaby's partners."

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To read the post, tootle over to  BookBaby.

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