Thursday, December 8, 2016

Authors United Declares Victory Over Amazon, Announces "Merger" With The Authors Guild - The Digital Reader

Today's trip into the Catosphere was another short one. Panzer went to The Digital Reader site. There our traveling kitty found a post about the Authors United group.

Think they'll go away now?
According to the post by site owner Nate Hoffelder, bestselling author Douglas Preston has announced his group Authors United is "merging" (joining?) the Authors Guild. In case you don't remember, Authors United is a group Mr. Preston started a couple of years ago during the contract dispute between Amazon and the Hachette publishing group. Since the Hachette publishing group no longer had a contract with the company, Amazon stopped selling and/or promoting Hachette books. This is when Authors United was formed. There is a link included in this post to a longer post about Mr. Preston's announcement at The Bookseller site.

Panzer says, "Hmm ... Unlike cats, humans have to justify their existence somehow."

Note: This is a short post. If you plan to only read the original post, bring a cup of tea for today's reading selection; but, if you plan to read the second post as well, you'll also need a muffin.

To read the post, tootle over to  Authors United

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