Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Former FMAM Editor Need Our Help

What are you waiting for?
As regular followers of Panzer's adventures in the Catosphere you know our big bad kitty reports on all things indie related. Today, he's letting you know about a former indie e-zine editor/publisher who needs help.

Former FMAM publisher Babs Lakey is in danger of losing her home and has started a GoFundMe campaign. Even if you can't help financially, you can help by spreading the word through your Twitter and/or Facebook accounts with links to her GoFundMe page.

When Panzer was still a kitten and first dipping his toes into the publishing world, he was a finalist in one of Babs' writing contests. Without that validation of his work, there might not be a Cats and Crime today, so there's a special place in his kitty heart for the lady. There are probably many other stories like our kitty boy's because she's done much for the writing community over the years.

To read Babs GoFundMe page, tootle over to Babs Lakey GoFundME

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