Friday, July 10, 2015

Amazon's Book Review Policy - Part 2

Panzer got woken up from his afternoon nap today by yowling and hissing. When our big brave explorer kitty got the Panzermobile fueled up and out into the Catosphere, he discovered the noise was coming from the Indies Unlimited site.

Panzer found a guest post by Brenda Perlin whose ebook review got rejected by Amazon. In an email to Ms. Perlin it was stated Amazon's rationale was that the reviewer "rules" say no reviews for authors/persons you know are accepted. Amazon determined she knew the author/person the review was for and so the review was rejected. Our kitty boy posted about a similar ebook review rejection earlier this week. According to this Indies Unlimited post, a petition has been started to get Amazon to change their review policy.
I'm busy. Leave me out of it.

Panzer says, "I'm not taking sides in this new war with Amazon. I've got other work to do right now ... like take a nap ... and eat ... and take a nap. You know important cat work."

Note: The post isn't that long. but the comments section is. So ... if you plan to read the comments, you will need a h-u-g-e cup of tea.

To read Brenda Perlin's post, tootle over to Amazon reviews
To read Panzer's post from earlier this week, tootle over to book review policy

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