Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Amazon's Book Review Policy

Rules are rules.
Panzer was taking a nap when he got woken up by a bunch of hissing and yowling coming from the Catosphere. Our sleepy little kitty hopped in the Panzermobile to see what all the ruckus was about.

Panzer didn't have any trouble following all the noise to the Consumer Affairs site. According to a post by Jennifer Abel, blogger Imy Santiago is up in arms because Amazon wouldn't post a review by her. Amazon said she violated their review policy. Back and forth emails are quoted in the post to show Amazon's "lack of transparency" in regard to why they wouldn't post the review. Basically, it come down to the fact Amazon believes she "knows" the author of the book she was reviewing and, therefore, it couldn't be an honest review. There's a link in the post to Santiago's original post at her blog.

Panzer says "Amazon knows everything about authors, including who your friends are. Have a link to your blog at Author Central (Hi, Amazon!)? They have not only your posts, but the comments. Put a link to your Twitter account (Hi!) and same thing. Have a Goodreads account with a link to your blog? Same thing (Hi, again!). And on it goes.  Everything is tied together. And ... You do know about Amazon and Goodreads, right? There's no place to hide."

To read the post, tootle over to book reviews


  1. The problem is they are taking things too far. By their standard anyone who has had any contact with anyone ever "knows" them.

  2. That was Panzer's point. By having access to your blogs, Twitter accounts, Goodreads account and more, they know all your "friends," whether you've actually met them or not.