Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hugh Howey on the Lazy Writer Myth

Read and learn.
Panzer was out in the Catosphere searching for some news for you today. Our big busy kitty stopped in at the Book Life site to see what he could find. It took a bit of digging for him to find what he was looking for.

Guess what?

Your wait was worth it.

Panzer boy found a post by Hugh Howey dispelling The Myth of the Lazy Writer. According to Mr. Howey, being a successful writer is hard work. Success doesn't get handed to you. You have to earn it. Whether you're an indie author or a traditionally published author, you have to do the work. You need to write the novel beginning to end. Then do the work to get it published. He says he spent 20 years writing his first novel. So ... it's not easy and it's not fast ... and it's not for the lazy.

Panzer says, "He means, you have to put in the hours and pay your dues before you get your kitty treats."

To read the post, tootle over to the lazy writer

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