Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Whither the Nook? - Indies Unlimited

Panzer made a trip over to the Indies Unlimited site today. Our intrepid kitty traveler hasn't been there for a while, but this trip was definitely worth it. Digging around he found a post by Lynn Cantwell about Nook.

 According to Ms. Cantwell's post, it doesn't appear Barnes and Noble is doing enough to ensure the viability of the Nook. She also addresses Barnes and Noble's lack of support for ebook authors by the closing of their U.K. sales distribution and the lack of ebook promotions. There is a link included to a PW (Publishers' Weekly) post about Barnes and Noble's third quarter sales figures. The PW sales figures post is the one that includes information about Barnes and Noble's new concept stores that Panzer told you about earlier this month and linked to it too.
Come on ... Admit it ... I'm cute.

Panzer says, "Actually for this little kitty, I get more sales from Barnes and Noble than I do from Amazon or Kobo. What can I say? ... I guess that means B and N readers just love this kitty."

Note: This is a l-o-n-g-ish post. A cup of tea and muffin should do it for today's reading. If you want to follow the link in Ms. Cantwell's post, then you'll want to add a half a muffin. If you also want to read Panzer's post about Barnes and Noble, add another cup of tea. And ... if you do all that reading and eating, you'll need to skip lunch.

To read the Indies Unlimited post, tootle over to Nook

To read Panzer's post about Barnes and Noble's plans for their new hybrid stores, tootle over to Barnes and Noble

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